Marie-a-une-Légende, whose real name is Marianne Legendre, presents her show of original francophone compositions, En Musicolore. Marie-a-une-Légende creates songs with zany anecdotes and catchy melodies, tinged with folk and jazz accents, marked by world music influences. Loaded with her poetry where humor and emotion are delivered with the simplicity and exuberance that characterizes her, the endearing and audacious Marie-a-une-Légende unveils a colorful musical universe, carried by her warm voice and her disarming naturalness.

Marie-a-une-Légende has toured the four corners of the province over the past 15 years, collaborating with Les Chercheurs d’Or, Rancho Banjo, Bourrasque Celtique, Dom Lebo, Kalliroots and Jah and I, among others. She also sings with Chloé Ste-Marie as a backup singer for her most recent tour, La Croisée des Silences.

She has performed with the Quebec bands Démons d’eau douce and Groovadelique. She also collaborates in writing and lends her voice to the group Misère en ville (Les chercheurs d’or) on their self-titled album. She also participated in the writing of the lyrics of the album Le Sentier des Loups of La Bourrasque Celtique.

She burned the boards of many places of spectacle (the Theater of the Small Champlain, the Coliseum of Quebec, the Park of the francophonie and the place of Arts) with her voice, her guitar and her banjo.


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