Mateo, a songwriter but most of all an atypical singer who is shaking up the codes of Latin music, offers an up-to-date and original pop sound. At age 19, he left his native Colombia, his head filled with dreams. Six years later, he can be proud of how far he has come and of the place he has made for himself in the Montréal cultural community.


Early on, Mateo was trained in classical guitar, singing and percussions. He first appeared on stage at age 5. He later had the opportunity to tour Latin America with folk groups and rock and roll bands.


Focused on artistic aspirations involving Colombian folklore, rock and salsa, he settled in Montréal at age 19 and soon conquered the local Latin scene. Canada as a whole took note following his successful stint with the group Lengaïa Salsa Brava, which received a nomination in the 2018 Canada Latin Awards. That opened the door to collaborative efforts, and he now appears regularly alongside Canada’s top Latin music performers.


Mateo, the Radio-Canada 2020-2021 world music Revelation, is on his way to becoming a key figure in Latin music, as shown by his first solo project, Vengo de Frente, released on February 14 at the performance venue Le Ministère just prior to the lockdown period. He will have the opportunity to present this work – sculpted in his image, with Afro-Latin, electric and progressive aspects – on stage as part of the Révélations series. At times languid and retro, at times festive and exotic, the young singer will undoubtedly leave an impression on many minds.

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