15 years old and a new opus, Times: Nomadic Massive is Montreal’s flagship hip-hop group. In English, Creole, Spanish and Arabic, they constantly reinvent their musical approach, textured with rhythms from here and there, and carry the vibe of the metropolis far and wide.


Nomadic Massive is a Caribbean collective based in Montreal, but whose message travels far beyond its borders. Of multiple origins, its six members claim to be a mix of French, Haitian, Algerian and Quebec influences. Wishing to rally the greatest number of people, they rap and sing in English, French, Creole, Spanish and Arabic. A multicultural imprint and values open to the world that they never fail to share…


In 2005, the group launched a first EP independently entitled Nomad’s Land. The record was very well received on the local and international scene and, thanks to fiery performances, the band gained a well-deserved fame.


In 2008, the band organized a tour of São Paulo and Brazil, and took the opportunity to collaborate with local artists. So much confidence, inspiration and initiative attracted the attention of Outside Music, which in 2009 offered them a national distribution of their second homonymous album, Supafam, which was released in 2012. Never far from the stage, the group explores new avenues by performing in French Guiana and the United States, but also across Canada and France to promote their EP Any Sound.


In 2016, after three years on the international scene, the nomadic band launched The Big Band Theory. Conceptualized and composed over three years, this album is characterized by flamboyant stage moments, dense explorations between the rebellious and smooth rhythms of seventies soul, the mixed and cosmopolitan sound of contemporary scenes, as well as the lively and transcendent sound of avant-garde rap.


Calibrated for the dancefloor, their latest album TIMES, is out in 2019. The sextet continues to reclaim the sound they’ve built over the miles to deliver a record that is as intense as it is masterful, and speaks to current issues like technological drift and the environmental crisis. This is how Nomadic Massive has been proudly displaying the colors of its committed hip-hop for more than fifteen years

Haiti - Algeria - Colombia - Caribbean
35 years of Nuits d'Afrique