Réginald Bonga

“Voodoojazz”, which means free spirit or spirit of freedom. There is no better form of music inspired by the traditional music of Haiti that Reginald Bonga could say more about as an artist-engaged. Ponga is a jazz percussionist, a musician committed to the revaluation of voodoo jazz music. For more than sixteen years, he has been militating and defending this cause at the international level, through music shows, as a tribute to the first Sanba pioneers of the Haitian root music.

For this mission, he has suffered as much persecution in his native country. In 2010, in France, he got the recognition of being the Ambassador of the Haitian traditional music abroad. He currently lives in Montreal as an artist.

An invitation to a journey of spirit and freedom where happiness is only the result of jazz improvisation.

For more than five years, he has been working on a research and creation project on the Voodoojazz style, a musical trend that mixes voice, traditional song from Lakou Sakre Vodou Ayisyen, poetry, jazz groove, sound effects and other natural sounds. A style that identifies with what comes from the Alma mater of the Ayisyen peasant and that goes crescendo towards his well-being. It is urgent and necessary according to him, to express and place a word in the contemporary history of humanity through shows, music and other forms of living expression.

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Réginald Bonga