Seydina Ndiaye, whose surname is often omitted, is a Senegalese artist who is making a place for himself in what is known as World Music. Born in the historic town of Thiaroye, Senegal, he is an author, composer, performer living in Canada since 2014.


Very involved in cultural communities, Seydina, the former talibé who first became a mason, is now an artist with a golden, crystalline and bewitching voice.


His compositions, polished with the talented guitarist Assane Seck, address themes such as peace, sharing, family and love and have the ultimate goal of raising awareness and educating.


Versatile, he multiplies collaborations with several great artists such as AfrotroniX (Oyo, Zaala), Emrical (Ifree ka) and participations in various events in Canada such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival or the International Festival Nuits d’Afrique. Rich in his musical journey with a voice that adapts to various forms of music including mbalakh, rap, jazz, folk or Afro-electro, he launched in 2010, his first opus Bay Sa War. This was followed by Alal and Thiow li, two singles with Jolili, the label of Youssou Ndour known today as Prince Arts. Rich in his musical journey, he released two other singles in Canada: Yaw dong and Suuf respectively in 2019 and 2020.

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