Country: DR Congo
Esplanade Tranquille (Ste-Catherine coin Clark)
Date: 07/23/2023
Time: 17:00
Price: FREE


KIZABA is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal, Canada. He is a true pioneer of an Electro-Afro-Congolese music and sings in French, English, Kikongo and Lingala. Through his art, he seeks to infuse contemporary Afrobeat with a touch of electro and house music along side melodies and rhythms from Congolese traditions, creating a uniquely Afro-futuristic universe.Kizaba links music, projections and clothing style for a global Sapology created in partnership with Congolese visual artists. On stage, the artist is accompanied by three musicians (two Congolese guitarists and a DJ).


Throughhis electrifying and fascinating music, Kizaba offers shows that move the crowds and make the people instantly embark in his global Afro-Futurism. His concerts offer a rich musically style reminiscent of the Congo. He creates vocals inspired by his ancestors and mixes sounds of soukous-Congolese, Afrobeat and pop rock. On stage, he uses his voice, drums and percussion to mix electronic music and traditional sounds to create a complete experience and an atmosphere of another dimension.


In 2022, for his first tour in the United States of America, he opened the Jazz & Heritage on the mainstage of the legendary Jazz History Festival in New Orleans, with a lineup of great artists like Lionel Richie, Ceelo Green, Charlie Wilson, Kelly and Foo Fighters, etc.. He has also played for audiences at the Louisiana International Festival and recently traveled to Europe to present his music in England at the famous Africa Oyé Festival. Kizaba has also made the public enjoyed his show to Womex, Mapas and Circulart in Colombia, and as well in Canada, notably at the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique and around the world on different continents. At the beginning of his career, he accompanied for several years, the jazz teacher François Mantuila Nyomo, his uncle, one of the most famous guitarists of the African continent. Since July 2021, Kizaba has released 5 singles: Soso, Naturelle, Tu aimes danser, Kituamina and Ingratitude, and the release of his new album ‘’KIZAVIBE’’, whose international release was November 18, 2022.