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.La Nuit de la Kora with Yacouba Sissoko and Zal Sissokho

Country: Mali - Sénégal - Qc.
Musical style:
Série Prestige presents by Radio VM
Le Gesù
1200 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, QC H3B 3J3
Date: 07/12/2019
Time: 20:00
Price: 33$

.La Nuit de la Kora with Yacouba Sissoko and Zal Sissokho









Cozy, luminous, subtle, almost mystical – these terms are often heard when it comes to shows featuring the kora, a majestic 21-string harp mounted on a calabash, producing crystal-clear sounds. The offspring of two prestigious families of griots, Yacouba Sissoko and Zal Sissokho are virtuosi of this magnificent instrument.
Born in Mali, Yacouba Sissoko performed performed with Baaba Maal, Sekou (Bambino) Diabate and Kerfala Kante Paul Simon and Lauren Hill. Blending effortlessly with other musical styles, he has developed his own unique style of kora and released his first solo album in 2017.
Also descended from a line of griots, Zal Sissokho, known for his original blended compositions infused with West African tradition, is an accomplished artist leading an international career, with many collaborations.


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