THE BONGO HOP ft Nidia Gongora

Country: Colombia, France
Les Grands Événements TD Series, in collaboration with ICI Musique
Parterre du Quartier des spectacle
Date: 07/18/2023
Time: 21:30
Price: FREE

THE BONGO HOP ft Nidia Gongora

Les Grands Événements TD series, in collaboration with ICI Musique




“A new ecstatic journey between Cali, Lisbon, Lagos and the southern Algerian desert. A new adventure in the form of an imaginary road trip, carrying their resonant dreams and tropical rhythms to new horizons” (FIP, 2022). A trumpet player with a passion for Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Étienne Sevet has gathered around him a host of musicians from Latin America and Africa, including North Africa, to create an amazing groove, between traditional folk and cosmopolitan inventiveness, at times reminiscent of Mano Negra and always sure to set the dancefloor on fire. La Ñapa, the single that preceded the 2023 full album, is carried by entrancing voices and mixes styles to tremendous effect.