October 26, 2022 00:00:00
ELIASSE | Single Locaterre
ELIASSE | Single Locaterre

ELIASSE | Single Locaterre

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe / Soulbeats

World music

Don’t say Comorian blues or Indian Ocean rock anymore: Eliasse is ZANGOMA !


With his single Locaterre, the Comorian artist reveals a new and pure style at the crossroads of Western, Comorian and Indo-Oceanic music. His Rock Zangoma, Eliasse creates it by embracing the blues, by embracing the soul, by embracing the afrobeat while remaining faithful to the typical rhythms of his archipelago.

First track from his third album, Locaterre tells us a personal and universal story: the melancholy intrinsic to the quest for an elsewhere, for a better life. Eliasse tells us about those who, leaving their native land carried by an ideal, must face disillusionment, regrets, and the fear of leaving behind what is good and beautiful.

“If over there the nights lacked stars, here the days rise without sun.”

Locaterre is a mirror game, dedicated to all those who are divided internally.









Forget the terms Comorian Blues or Indian Ocean Rock: Eliasse is ZANGOMA!

This musical concept created by Baco, famous Comorian artist, defines the meeting of Western and traditional Comorian music. His Zangoma Rock, Eliasse creates it by mixing western rock, blues, folk with the traditional rhythms of his home islands and Africa overall.  From Twarab to Mgodro, Maloya to Afrobeat, Zangoma Rock reveals its plural nature. At its foundation lies the drum (ngoma) and Eliasses’s percussion-lead rock flies this very same banner, hybrid and united. 

With his upcoming third album, eponymously titled Zangoma, set to be released in 2023 (Soulbeats Music), Eliasse and his power trio are guaranteed to set a groovy tone: powerful drums delivered by Fred Girard, a swaying bassline conducted by Jérémy Ortal, Eliasse’s roaring guitars and soaring lead vocals, coated by the band’s intricate range of signature harmonies.

In short: the Indian Ocean dances to Zangoma Rock!