October 16, 2022 00:00:00
KIZABA feat. Luciane Dom | Single Ingratitude
KIZABA feat. Luciane Dom | Single Ingratitude

KIZABA feat. Luciane Dom | Single Ingratitude

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe

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Congolese guitar. Sebene rhythms. Kizaba perfectly integrates Congolese traditions with a modern and assertive afrobeat. Ambassador of Afro futurism, Kizaba offers us Ingratitude, his new ultra danceable and energetic single featuring Luciane Dom, where the artist starts as usual from a very banal situation to pass a universal message. Ingratitude is no!



Lionel Kizaba met Luciane Dom in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro during his tour with the artist Vox Sambou. The current passes immediately between the two artists and their love for the afrobeat and the afro-futurist creations of the one and the other push them to remain in contact.

After an international tour that took him from England to the USA via France, Kizaba returned to work in Quebec and wrote with Luciane this colorful song that speaks of a banal situation, to finally invite the public to a deeper reflection on mutual aid, recognition and friendship.

Ingratitude takes up the codes of afrobeat but this time, Lionel adds to it the suave and soulful voice of Luciane which underlines wonderfully the multicultural environment in which Lionel evolves.

The clip was made in New York in the summer of 2022.









Kizaba is an Afro-Electro Congolese singer based in Montreal, Canada. Singing in Lingala, French and Kikongo, he seeks to infuse contemporary afrobeats, electro, house and music with melodies and rhythms from Congolese traditions, creating a unique Afro-futuristic universe inspired by the stylistic tradition of “Sapologie”. The Kizaba live show presents personalized images produced in partnership with Congolese visual artists. 

On stage, he is accompanied by musicians (a Congolese guitarist, a rock rhythm guitarist and a DJ). Through its fascinating Afro-electro Congolese music, KIZABA offers a unifying show that will move any crowd! Kizaba has performed his show in major world renowned festivals across Canada, USA, Europe and Africa.

Since July 2021, Kizaba has released 5 singles: Soso, Naturelle, Tu aimes danser, Kituamina and Ingratitude, and is preparing the release of his new album ‘’KIZAVIBE’’, whose international release is scheduled for November 18, 2022 as part of the closing night of M for Montreal.  





Domingues Luciane (aka Luciane Dom) is a singer-songwriter based in Rio de Janeiro, who is part of a new generation of emerging artists representing black Brazilian music. Her music, infused with the sound of the African diaspora, explores race and identity in Brazil, with songs that address issues of racial justice, and the affirmation and recognition of black identity. She recently released her first album – Liberte esse Banzo – where she explores empowerment and her daily struggle as a black woman.  Luciane’s critical perspective has taken her to the stages of Brazil, where she has performed alongside BNegAo, Thalma deFreitas, MArcio Local, Mc Marechal, Gabriel Moura and Haitian singer Vox Sambou, and has participated in numerous panel discussions on culture and race. His work is multidisciplinary, combining music and theater in his visually stunning music videos.