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L'ENTOURLOOP | Album La clarté dans la confusion
L'ENTOURLOOP | Album La clarté dans la confusion

L'ENTOURLOOP | Album La clarté dans la confusion

Disques Nuits d'Afrique / Believe - Territory : North America / Face B under exclusive license to X-Ray Production

Album Artiste
Reggae - HipHop

Disques Nuits d’Afrique is pleased to announce the worldwide release of La clarté dans la confusion, the new album by L’Entourloop, which will be available on all digital platforms on Friday, June 10, 2022.


The indefatigable French duo L’Entourloop is making its comeback with this highly anticipated third album for which they have invited a host of MCs to come and lay down on the reggae dancehall beats infused with hip-hop that the collective has the secret!






The mysterious collective of beatmakers, original and unifying!

Sir Johnny and King James are the figureheads of the mysterious French beatmakers collective L’Entourloop. The two tireless seniors concoct a fine fusion of Reggae and Hip Hop by exploiting samples, all sprinkled with scratches and a vintage French touch.


The members of the collective surround themselves with different MCs, singers, rappers, coming from all over the world (Jamaica, England, France, Colombia, etc.), accumulating millions of views on different social networks and platforms. 


Through these meetings, it is to the pioneers such as Prince Buster or Lee “Scratch” Perry, that L’Entourloop wishes to pay tribute with this new album.


An opus in the form of a declaration of love to the soundsystem culture and its children that are Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop. Great lovers of vinyl and cinema of yesteryear, the insatiable diggers are in perpetual search of the ultimate sample and the perfect groove.






Many international guest artists

The success of their two previous albums and the hundreds of concerts throughout Europe have quickly propelled L’Entourloop to the forefront of the international scene and continues to gather an ever-growing audience around the world.


Now a key figure in the French Reggae scene, L’Entourloop distills a groove so powerful that it literally ignites dancefloors around the world.


With no less than 32 guests, from all over the world, this new album is no exception to the “trademark” of this daring duo.


The album features some wonderful artistic collaborations, including Ken Boothe, Alborosie, Queen Omega, Chali 2Na, Dope St Jude, General Levy and Big Red, to name a few.


The indefatigable senior ambience artists produced this third album in their now legendary “Bandulu Studio”. The 20 tracks that make up this new album are the result of meticulous production work, carried out with patience and passion.





feat Alborosie & Promoe


15 days before the release of their highly anticipated new album “La clarté dans la confusion”, L’Entourloop unveil a new video clip with Promoe & Alborosie. The perfect illustration of their famous “Banging Hip-Hop Inna Yardie Style”!






1. La clarté dans la confusion (ft. N’Zeng)
2. Calling Dancers (ft. Alborosie & Promoe)
3. Rock Mi Nice (ft. Kabaka Pyramid)
4. Madzilla (ft. Troy Berkley & Blabbermouf)
5. Eternal Roses (ft. Ken Boothe & Lion in Bed)
6, Florilège (ft. Lyricson, Queen Omega & Red Fox)
7. Drop (ft. Troy Berkley & Dope Saint Jude)
8. La fleur de l’âge (ft. Degiheugi)
9. People is Massive (ft. General Levy)
10. Scoville Anthem (ft. LMK, Reverie & Lady Chann)
11. Magistral (ft. Bounty Killer & Troy Berkley)
12. Clin d’œil (ft. Dawa & The Architect)
13. Get Back (ft. Chali 2Na & N’Zeng) 
14. Mana (ft. Marcus Gad & JuJu Rogers) 
15. Litf Up Your Head (ft. Troy Berkley & O.B.F) 
16. Way to be happy (ft Las Ninyas del Corro) 
17. Fi Di Yut (ft. Blackout JA & Tippa Irie) 
18. Mumbai 808 (ft. Manudigital)
19. Saga (ft. Killa P, Flowdan & Big Red) 
20. Downtown (Befour Steppa) 







Great lovers of vinyl and old-time cinema, the insatiable diggers, in perpetual search of the ultimate sample, had made their fans wait by first unveiling the excellent DJ-Mix “Start From Scratch” in the summer of 2021, then by releasing a series of 3 official remixes, including the one of the inescapable Reunionese anthem “Li Sem”.


The success of their previous albums “Chickens in Your Town” (2015) and “Le Savoir Faire” (2017), with their famous “Banging Hip-Hop Inna Yardie Style” recipe very quickly propelled L’Entourloop to the forefront. 


This spring, L’Entourloop set out again, more determined than ever, to storm the French and European stages, selling out the entire beginning of their huge 2022 tour, which includes more than sixty dates by the end of the year!


After five long years of waiting, L’Entourloop sets the bar even higher with their new album “La clarté dans la confusion” and its myriad of guests, available on June 10, 2022.