Jury members

The Syli d’Or de la Musique du Monde brings to light talented artists and confirms the latest trends in world music.


To determine the winners we are pleased to welcome members of a professional jury recognized for their career and their skills in the music industry at various levels (programmer, journalists …)

Please note that during the semi-finals and finals the public votes are combined with the professional jury’s evaluations.








Music producer and publisher


Music publisher for 30 years, president and founder of the Ad Litteram group in 1998, which over the years has acquired the companies ATMA classique, Livetoune, Culture Country, Label Étiquette and Éditions Ad litteram.






Hélène Boucher is a freelance journalist since 2003. She writes articles and columns for a wide range of media. She is constantly plugged into the world of music… Opera, song, reggae, rock, world: nothing escapes her flair, from the African continent to Quebec and the Hexagon. His pen acts sensorially in each chronicle or review. From Tiken Jah Fakoly to Cali, from Femi Kuti to Buika, his vision on the musical planet is without borders.




Ethnomusicologist, music producer and global explorer


Jacob Edgar is an Ethnomusicologist, music producer, and global explorer with an insatiable curiosity for the diverse ways in which people express themselves through music. Edgar is the principal music researcher for the acclaimed record label Putumayo World Music, contributing songs and liner notes to over 300 Putumayo collections. In 2006, Edgar founded the record label, music publisher and concert booking agency Cumbancha, which promotes some of the top names in international music. Edgar hosted Music Voyager, a music and travel television series produced for American Public Television & PBS. A regular guest lecturer and cultural specialist on National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions cruises to West Africa, South America, the British Isles, Cape Verde, Iceland and many other destinations, Edgar curates musical experiences and concerts with world-renowned artists in intimate settings that provide a unique gateway into the culture, history, language, indeed the very soul of a community. Edgar’s journeys in search of new talent has brought him to remote Caribbean villages, trendy Parisian nightclubs, sultry Brazilian samba schools, rocking Indian jam sessions, the recording studios of Havana and beyond, providing him a backstage pass to the world’s music.




Co-designer, host and producer of the radio show

Métissés Serrés, on CISM 89,3 FM.r


Pierre-Olivier, aka Péo Dorion, spent the first twenty-first years of his life in the colorful neighborhood of Montréal-Nord. There, he met people who confirmed what he already knew deep down – blending cultures is a strength. He is a graduate of UdeM in Film Studies and Comparative Literature, and of HEC in Arts and Culture Management. He is currently the Director of Services for the student association of Collège Ahuntsic, a lively environment where he oversees several projects. He loves exploring new music, and misses his 120 GB iPod Classic. Pierre-Olivier is co-creator, host and producer of the radio show Métissés Serrés, on CISM 89.3 FM, since January 2019. Every Saturday at 5 pm, the hosts discuss issues related to cultural mixing while broadcasting music from all over the world.




Cultural journalist for NeoQuébec and artist


Sandra Gasana aka Umurutasaté is a singer-songwriter from Rwanda who expresses her talent in eight languages and as many musical universes. A self-taught singer, she mixes the rhythms and melodies of her ancestors with a sweet and captivating voice. Her texts deliver messages of love and peace. Her music, meanwhile, urban and mixed, is doubly influenced, both by traditional African melodies and those of the West, particularly Soul and Jazz. With a master’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Umurutasaté decided to answer this omnipresent call of music, blending it to her passion for journalism, while teaching French and English to newcomers.





Editor for les ArtsZ magazine


Born in Bujumbura, Burundi and immigrated to Canada in 2008. Her passion is writing, music and finance. She is a writer for the magazine les ArtsZ, covering mainly Afro-descendant artists’ performances in various fields.




Freelance journalist at PanM360


Practically raised in his parents’ record shop, Frédéric Cardin studied history and political science, but music caught up with him and never let him go. A journalist, host and producer for many years at CBC/Radio-Canada’s music channel, Frédéric is now a freelance journalist at Pan M 360, the best music site in Quebec (by far!). He works hard on a wide variety of musical genres, but his heart beats particularly for classical music (from all eras), epic film music, jazz, and all the “world music” (a hated term, but for lack of a more precise one, we’ll go with it). Added to this is a nasty bunch of alternative music (chamber rock, electro, post-punk, krautrock, indie whatever, etc.) and a bunch of vintage styles he never gets tired of (great French chanson, 70’s soul-funk, 70’s-80’s folk, classic afro-beat, Blaxploitation soundtracks (Yeaaaahhhh!!!), and so many others). Lately, Frédéric has been fulfilled by a position as Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Canadian Heritage. What does he do there? He gives money so that culture is broadcast, seen, heard! Happiness. Frédéric
has been a member of the jury at the Sylis d’or semi-finals several times in the past. Every time he is asked again, he says yes without hesitation. How can you refuse to have unlimited fun three nights in a row while sipping one or two great ‘’Volcan’’ from Balattou’s cocktails list? A little ‘’Bloody’’ too, why not. His judgement skills are all the sharper. Long live music, and especially Montreal’s fabulous “world” scene, one of the richest on the continent!




Studio Owner of Banjaxed Records, Audio Engineer and Record Producer


Noah Sullivan is an audio engineer and record producer based in Tiohtià:ke (colonially known as Montréal). He began working in audio in 2008 when he was a young teenager. Sullivan quickly became a well known figure in the Eastern Ontario music scene working at many venues and festivals around the province. By the age of 21 he was a seasoned sound engineer touring all over the world and working in studios with the Toronto based balken-party-supergroup Lemon Bucket Orkestra. Since then, Sullivan has continued his career as an audio engineer and producer working in both studio and live/broadcast environments. In recent years, he has worked with artists such as The Gryphon Trio, The Fretless, Miss Emily, Kassador, John Burge, Yolanda Bruno, David Newland, Bridge and Wolok, Lacie Ellie, Chantel Thompson with George Koller & Michael Occhipinti, along with countless others. Sullivan has also worked in multiple leading music organisations and institutions in a variety of roles including Technical Director, Head Audio Engineer, Audio Technician, Quality Control Sound Touring Specialist, and more. Select affiliated organizations include: The Isabel Bader Centre For The Performing Arts at Queens University, Place Des Arts in Montréal, Ottawa Chamberfest, VER Tour Sound, Stewart Park Festival, Almonte CeltFest, and Blue Skies Music Festival.

Now, Noah runs a recording studio along with longtime collaborator and dear friend Oisin Hannigan called Banjaxed Records in, so-called, Montréal. Sullivan continues to produce and engineer music in live and studio settings through Banjaxed Records. He is interested in collaborating with clients to create high quality and groundbreaking audio experiences. Through his work with Banjaxed Records, Noah hopes to carve out more space for audio professionals from under-represented communities to grow and thrive in the industry.