Every summer since 1987, the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique brings together hundreds of talented artists from here at home and around the world. Its daring and festive programming never fails to entertain the audience with the sounds of music from African, Caribbean and Latin American cultures.


We are pleased to participate in the success of this 37th edition and to support the celebration of communities that enrich our Canadian cultural mosaic.


As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I salute all the organizers, volunteers, and artists who, driven by their passion, made this festival possible. May this edition be a testament to your success. Have a great festival!



The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez
Minister of Canadian Heritage







Year after year, the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique returns to delight Montrealers.


In addition to the must-see concerts, the many activities and workshops offered to immerse oneself in the cultures of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, I invite all families in the city to enjoy the week of free activities offered to them.


Accessibility to culture is a fundamental principle of our administration and the city of Montréal is proud to be associated, once again this year, with this most festive summer event.


Thank you to the entire organizing team for promoting the artistic creativity of talents from here and abroad and for offering Montrealers the opportunity to make unique cultural discoveries.


Enjoy the festival!




Valérie Plante
Mayor of Montréal





The Festival international Nuits d’Afrique: A Summer Event Not to Be Missed


The Government of Québec is proud to contribute to the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique, which is a popular success each summer, bringing together thousands of festival-goers under the theme of music from African, Caribbean and Latin American cultures.


For Montrealers and visitors alike, this cultural celebration is like a refreshing summer breeze of music and dance. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the city, its attractions, and its effervescence in summer. While this great festival highlights the talent of many artists from here and abroad, it also allows Montreal to position itself as a dynamic and cultural metropolis open to the world.


Welcome to the guest artists and participants who have come from all over the world to take part in the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique!




Mathieu Lacombe
Ministre de la Culture et des Communications
Ministre responsable de la Jeunesse
Ministre responsable de la région de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue et de la région de l’Outaouais


Caroline Proulx
Ministre du Tourisme
Ministre responsable de la région de Lanaudière


Pierre Fitzgibbon
Ministre de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie
Ministre responsable du Développement économique régional
Ministre responsable de la Métropole et de la région de Montréal







What a pleasure it is for Tourisme Montréal to be associated once again this year with the Festival international Nuits d’Afrique. Few events allow visitors to experience the cultural diversity and richness of Montreal like Nuit d’Afrique.


With the warm season in full swing and thousands of travelers arriving, the most rhythmic festival in the city offers a musical journey to the heart of African, Caribbean and Latin American cultures. You have to experience it to believe it, so let’s meet at the Quartier des spectacles for an experience as authentic as it is unifying.




Yves Lalumière
CEO, Tourisme Montréal